Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here we are at Davids Bridal we had sooo much fun!
I will tell you she did get her dress, but your going to have to wait to see which one.
It brought tears to my eye's to see my baby girl standing there in a wedding dress she looked absolutely beautiful and we had a fabulous day. My sister went with us and so did Tara's BFF , after getting the dress we all went to for lunch and celebration.
Here is a sneak preview!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Spent the whole day singing!

Going to the chapel and were gunnin get mar rr ried goin to the chapel and were gunnin get marrrrried gee I really love you and were gunnin get married and well never be lonely anymore
because were going to the chapel of love yea yea yea!

I spent the whole day singing in preparation of our big wedding dress shopping event, I will be taking my camera along as my baby girl picks out her wedding dress I cant wait to show you the pic's first stop will be and we have been told to check out the and of course we must go to and to look at flowers and such.
I am so excited!

~Myself with Husband Daughter and Grandkids~