Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Angel Named Jennifer

Where do I begin, On Saturday Feb.14th my husband recieved a kidney transplant he was part of the nations first ever six-way domino kidney transplant. Twelve patients three states and three hospitals were involved. On Tues. the 17th everyone was reported as doing well . It has been a very emotional and touching experience,three days after the surgery we met the girl who gave him his kidney and had a press conference with the local news stations and a satellite meeting with the patients and doctors from the other states who recieved kidneys. Wow!
All of this was done through living donors my husbands sister gave a kidney so he could recieve one what a miracle it's been! My husband has been very sick for a long time on dialysis for over three years there were alot of times this past year I doubted for the first time ever whether or not he was going to make it and he did. Thanks to alot of prayers from family and friends and my co workers who saw me everyday and on the worst days always reminded me that God would take care of us! Thank You

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is my first post to my new blog and I am so excited!! I have so much to share with you ,first of all let me tell you about my niece Melissa over at The Cutest Thing You've
Ever Seen. So Saturday she calls me on the phone to tell me something I cant remember now what and something is said and I say I bet you did'nt know that I am a blog addict and so on and so forth well the next thing you know she is calling on Sat. night to say You need to go look at your new blog I made for you! OMG She is so special to me and a very gifted and talented individual I cant tell you how many times I have mentioned something I saw or wanted and like magic it appears. In the future you will see some of the thing she has made for me like my Wizard Of Oz chair.
She used to work for the design team of a big name store and now is on her own.
Thank You Mel I love it and you!

The first thing you should know about me is I love the Wizard Of Oz ,my craft room is my WOO room with all my collectables it is my favorite place!